Briko Technology and Features

Briko is a world leader in ski and bike helmet and eyewear safety and technology. Scroll down for more information on our helmet technologies:

-Fluid™ Brain Science

-Protetto System

-Venturi System and 3-D Roll Fit

and our eyewear and google technology:

-Eyewear Lens Chart

-Goggle Lens Information

Helmet Technology

Fluid™ Brain Science

The vision of Fluid™ Brain Science is that head injuries will become an inconsequential part of athletic and leisure activities. Fluid Inside™ technology represents a commercially-proven and effective solution for reducing risk of concussive and repetitive type brain injury.

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Protetto System

The Protetto System is used on our Briko Vulcano FIS helmets for extra protection against concussions.


Venturi System and 3D Roll Fit

For comfort and safety, the Venturi System and 3D Roll Fit are used in conjunction with each other on our Lapillo, Slalom, Mongibello, Canyon, Faito and Mammoth helmets.


Eyewear Technology

Eyewear Lens Chart


Goggle Lens Information