W19 Goggle Lava FIS 7.6 2 Lenses

Matt Orange Fluo Sky Blue
Matt Pink Violet
Matt Turquoise Green
Matt Black Fluo Orange

Lava FIS is the best result of Briko research and technology. The 7.6 is an extra wide screen with polycarbonate flexible lenses that filter the blue light therefore increasing the visual contrast and reduce reaction time. Bumper system protects from frontal impacts and Flexa system makes the frame extremely soft and flexible, optimizing the goggle fit. The included Racing Cap can be mounted in case of extreme weather conditions and avoids the eye lachrymation. Lava 7.6 won a 2014 ISPO Award in the Ski Goggles category thanks to its design and technical innovations. The 2 lenses version comes with a sunny or everyday lens in the frame (depending on the color) and a low light lens in the box. 

2 lenses included (sunny day and cloudy day)
Flexible thermoplastic polyurethane
Unbreakable TR90  
Bumper system  
Flexa system  
Lens slider system  
Polycarbonate cylindrical lens  
Triple thermoformed foam Soft Bag included