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Patricia Mangan

When Patricia was just 2, her parents strapped her twin brother William and her into two teeny pairs of skis, and let them go at the top of the Bunny Hill. William made it to the bottom first and thereby Tricia spent the majority of her early years trying to keep up with William and her two older brothers, Connor and Peter, a quest that sparked her love of competition and going fast!

The Mangan’s are a skiing family of eight. She was homeschooled during middle school as were her four brothers and little sister (trophies to the parents!). There she learned to be super focused early in the morning and get her ‘schoolwork’ done so she could play with her siblings and explore outside in the afternoon. Then this time turned into ski time.

Unlike ski racing academies where the focus is training and racing, she grew up skiing at HoliMont, where she did a lot of freeskiing and occasionally trained during the week and always had the competition of her twin brother close by which pushed her on the slopes.

At 15, she qualified for U16 Nationals and ended up 4th overall, despite being ranked almost last in the Skills Quest evaluation, and was thus named to the U18 National Training Group! Then with a lot of travel and studying on the road, but enrolled as senior in Buffalo, she was named to the USST D Team where last season she had more ups than downs, and finished the season with two podiums in SG and Combined at the US Nationals against many of the top women on the USST. The success propelled her onto the C Team for this coming season!

“I’m incredibly excited for the year ahead, and tremendously grateful for the opportunity to continue to chase my dream of World Cup and Olympic success.”

When not on snow, “I study bio-medical engineering at Dartmouth College and I can’t get enough of adventuring outside and finding new places to do thrilling things with my friends – cliff jumping, biking, or good old fashioned exploring! When I am lucky enough to be home, I love spending time with my five siblings and parents, partaking in various sports, heated debates, and unrivaled excitement.”