S20 Supernova

Flame Orange

Supernova is a pair of glasses that will push you to the maximum of your performances.

Designed to offer maximum protection from the air and to maximize visibility, it has an unmistakable FullRim design that provides comfort, lightness and strength thanks to its construction in TR90.

  • Anatomic silicone nose, it adapts to any face and any weather conditions, ensuring a firm fit even on the wettest days.
  • The wide spherical base 7 lens wraps around the face ensuring the perfect peripheral vision, allowing a clear perception of the surrounding environment, both in the race and in the city.
  • Studied with ventilation holes that allow air to slip away, it not only inhibits the formation of moisture inside the lens, but also allows less contrast with the air during the race.
  •  Maximum protection from the sun and UV rays ensured by the O Lens Sun by Briko, without sacrificing bright mirrors and eye-catching colors.