S20 Starlight Bike Sunglasses 3 Lenses


The goal for this model was to create the simplest, lightest and highest performance eyewear possible. Its seamless lens change capabilities, wide field of vision and reduction in weight make this sunglass truly unique. The Starlight 3 Lenses is a Rimless model equipped with an exclusive quick-release lens mechanism to allow maximum ease of use.

  • Silicone nose pads adjustable in 3 positions
  • Anti-slip rubber temple tips
  • The wide lens with an ergonomic shape allows an incomparable vision both superior and perimeter, not blocking your view in any direction.
  • This model included three OLens Sun by Briko, the first mirrored in category 3 to protect from sunlight, the second in category 1 and yellow in the most adverse weather conditions and the third, clear category 0 to allow you to run too at night.