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Alice McKennis

Colorado native Alice Mckennis grew up on a ranch riding horses in the summer and chasing her older sister down the slopes at the local ski mountain in the winter. What started out as a winter activity to bide the time til summer turned into a full blown obsession for the young racer. As Alice grew older and moved up the ranks one thing was clear, she loved to go fast! That love and passion for speed was apparent when Alice was named to the US Ski Team in 2008 and started racing on the World Cup the next season.

Bursting onto the stage with top ten results in her first season Alice has never slowed down even with multiple knee injures. In 2013 Alice won the World Cup Downhill in St. Anton, Austria, satisfying a lifelong dream but further feeding her fire for the sport of ski racing. Now armed with experience, fully healthy and prepared for this upcoming season Alice has her sights on the World Cup podium again.

“Safety! Ski racing is a dangerous sport and I have experienced the perils of the sport firsthand many times. Knowing that I am safe with Briko and protected allows me to push my limits while knowing I have the best possible product out there protecting me!”

“I love the passion Briko shows for the sport of ski racing! I can relate so well to the whole Briko family and team and feel the same drive for the sport”.